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Mia’s Italian Kitchen is rooted in family. The inspiration came from Dave’s unique relationship with his great-grandmother – she didn’t speak a word of English, so they communicated through food. Arriving in the U.S. via boat in 1904 at the age of 20, Filomena Galeazzo Masucci settled in Rochester with her husband and had 7 children. One of her boys, ’Uncle Pete,’ went on to buy a 75-acre farm on the hills above Canandaigua Lake in the late 1940’s. Filomena moved with Pete & his wife into their 105-year old farmhouse, and so begins the story of Dave’s experience with Italian farm-to-table home cooking.

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The menu at Mia’s was a created to capture the essence of Partner, Dave Nicholas', great-grandmother’s rustic Italian cooking. Originally from Naples, Italy, she used easy, simple, raw ingredients – an approach that Mia’s embraces in our menu, which includes house-made pasta, Italian sandwiches, charcuterie, and square pizzas (also available by the slice).